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Photoshop Versus Lightroom: Which is Best?

If you’re new to photography, you’re likely wondering how to post-process or edit your photos. There is a wide selection of photo editing software

3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Photography

There are a some lessons that we all learn the hard way. Trial and error, though equally arduous, are still the two most ingraining

Not Satisfied with Your Photography? Here are Simple but Helpful Tips for You

So you’ve been taking photographs for a while now. You’ve done a lot of photoshoots and completed quite a number of commissioned projects. You’ve

How to become A Street Style Photographer

Both the fashion and photography industries are extremely competitive businesses to try and break into. That’s why it’s vital you do all the research you can

5 Tips to Spark Up your Creativity

When I started doing photo walks, I would always take one ultra-wide, one general purpose, and one portrait/macro lens in my bag. Since I

How to Improving Your Exposures in Landscape Photography

While most cameras today do a fairly decent job of properly exposing the scene at hand, they don’t get it right all the time.

6 Quick Tips for Long Exposure Photography

If you like shooting outdoors or at night, knowing how to properly do long exposure photography will be a big help. Once you discover

How to Avoid Some of the Most Common Shutter Speed Mistakes

An integral part of exposure, shutter speed is easy to get wrong. While its counterparts – ISO and aperture – can be trickier, you’ll

How to Perfectly Price Your Photography Work

If you’re a photography hobbyist, there comes the time, inevitably, when you may want to decide on actually making a buck or two from

What Not to Do When Taking Photos While Travelling

Aside from securing your luggage, travel tickets, and hotel accommodations days before your travel, you should also make sure that your camera or smartphone