How to become A Street Style Photographer

How to become A Street Style Photographer

Both the fashion and photography industries are extremely competitive businesses to try and break into. That’s why it’s vital you do all the research you can to get yourself ahead of the competition. We receive hundreds of applications on The Idle Man to become a member of our street style entourage and, although it may seem like an easy shot to get, we are sometimes left disappointed with what we receive from a street style photographer.

1. Be prepared to start off free

When it comes to first applying for this sort of position, brands are going to be looking for experienced photographers with a portfolio of street style shots to show them. If you’ve not done this type of work before, you’re more than likely going to have to build a collection you can send to brands first. Unfortunately, this will probably have to be done for free to start off with.

2. Keep a calendar

Obviously you can just take to the streets to find your models but there are certain events you should be aware of which will up your chances of being in a concentrated area of well dressed people. Shows like London Collections Men, Fashion Week, Pitti Uomo and any collection launches you can find out about are all going to be attended by stylish people looking for a little appreciation of their outfits.

3. Design Business Cards

If anyone is to take you seriously when you’re talking to them at events, you need to appear as professional as possible. Having a set of business cards is vital for getting your contact details out there. Make sure it includes your email address, phone number and URLs to any blogs, websites or online portfolios you have.

4. Network

With competitive industries like photography and fashion, a large part of making a success of yourself comes down to who you know. When you turn up to these events, no matter where you are, try to strike a conversation with people. Let them know who you are, hand them your business card and try to get theirs (so you can follow up the conversation with an email at a later date).

5. Apply, apply, apply

There are plenty of websites out there looking for street style photographers, so get searching and, once you’ve got all of the above at your disposal, start applying as much as you can. Send examples of your work, a list of events you think would be good to cover and let them know your availability.